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Low Energy and Muscle Aches

"I had low energy and stiffness around the hips and poor hamstring flexibility, which caused me to have poor recovery from exercise.  I have tried a number of strength coaches, but their methods caused me to overtrain.  When I came to see Jack he performed a series of tests and we found out that I had a lot of muscle imbalances and poor posture.  My program was designed to correct these and build on my strengths. My performance at sports (Thai Kick Boxing) and at work improved after the first month.  After 6 months I can honestly say that its one of the best things I have ever done to improve my health and fitness.  People like Jack are hard to find, his knowledge on the human body is endless."

Shane Hopper UK, 32 (2011)

Ultramarathon Conditioning: Rehabilitation to Champion

"I had never had a personal trainer nor even considered one until my partner introduced me to Bodyguards in June 2007.  My background in sport at that time was almost exclusively road running for about 10 years, with some self taught gym sessions thrown in for what I thought was good measure.  However, I had gone through a string of injuries, including a broken metatarsal in May 2007 and was becoming frustrated that I would never run consistently again.

My goal was to understand why I kept getting injured and to get back to regular, injury free running.

After over a year of consistent training I felt things were really looking good for a competitive 2009 and I even entered my first Ultra-marathon – the 43 mile Devil o the Highlands (DoH).    Unfortunately I was knocked off my bicycle in November 2008 and was left with some serious injuries to my ankle, neck and back.  I was disappointed on many levels not least because I thought my Ultra dream was over.

I had only started working with my new PT, Jack Walton, about two weeks prior to my accident but rather than wait on me recovering Jack took the view that he wanted to be actively involved in my rehab, staying in touch until I was given the all clear to train again.

Once I could start training again Jack devised what I initially thought were strange core strength sessions but looking back he took me through my rehab one step at a time, not moving me to next level until I was ready.  It felt slow but Jack was always patient and listened to me.  If I had a niggle he wanted to know so that he could target it to keep me on track.  Within a matter of weeks my flexibility and strength had improved dramatically, from a zero fitness base after the accident.  I was back thanks to Jack.

Over the early part of 2009 I continued to work with Jack on my core strength and he allowed me to participate in four Bowen therapy sessions which undoubtedly helped speed my recovery from some tough sessions.   As I ramped up my running I was now determined to make the start line of the Devil o the Highlands and Jacks training sessions were keeping injuries at bay.

Thankfully I made the start line of my first Ultra in August 2009 and racing over 43 miles of tough terrain I surprised myself by winning the DoH footrace in the third fastest time ever!!  I am under no illusion that without the sessions at Bodyguards with Jack I would not have recovered so quickly and safely from my bicycle accident nor made the start line of the DoH.

I owe a big thank you to Jack Walton and Bodyguards for helping me realise what was an impossible dream at the start of 2009.  The value of PT sessions cannot be underestimated – I am a convert and an addict!!"

Craig Stewart, UK (2009)

*Craig has gone from Strength to Strength with some incredible race results:

August 2009 - Devil O The Highlands 42mile race = 1st (5hrs 34mins)

16 Jan 2010 - Country to Capital 45 mile race = 1st (5hrs 25mins)

24 Apr 2010- Highland Fling 53 mile trail race = 1st (7hrs 46mins)

19 June 2010- West Highland Way 95 mile = 4th (18hrs 27mins)

7 Aug 2010 - Devil o the Highlands 42 mile race = 1st (5hrs 30mins 58s)

27 Mar 2011 - UKA 100k Championship - Anglo-Celtic Plate = 1st (7hrs 1min 36s)


A Holistic Approach to Injury

"Since I hurt my lower back a while ago I saw the need to improve my health and fitness.  Jack Walton has helped me to address specific areas such as posture, flexibility and strengthening to help prevent further injury.  Jack’s interests in holistic health and alternative therapy / exercise systems are similar to my own.  I have learned a lot from his professional expertise and diverse understanding of how the human body functions.   Bodyguards has a great progressive attitude towards health and fitness, it is a friendly place and they help you to meet your own personal goals and needs.  I look forward to gym sessions now and I often see Jack’s other clients going through their exercise programmes in their own time too.  Guidance from the right personal trainer is definitely worth the money as it inspires confidence and achieves rapid results, I can even touch my toes now for the first time in my life!"

Richard Owen - Owner of 'Human Improvement' UK (2012).


Enhancing Health and Wellbeing

"I have been a client of Bodyguards for over 3 years, and have trained with Jack since 2007.  A gym is not my natural habitat but it’s a pleasure to go there and train with Jack.  He’s very knowledgeable about his profession and it’s really interesting to talk to him about food values and what the body needs.

Jack is lovely.  He’s encouraging without being a bully and I enjoy my sessions with him.  He gets me to work hard, and pushes me just enough that although I’ll moan at him, I actually feel proud of myself when I’ve tried for those extra 30 seconds or 50 metres.  I always head home feeling pleased I’d dropped in.

My fitness and stamina have improved dramatically.  When I first joined I had knee problems.  I was shown exercises to strengthen my knee, and worked on them week after week. Now I have no problems!  Headaches, which have plagued me for years have disappeared since I have worked on strengthening my neck muscles.  And the thing which pleases me most is that I have learned to breathe properly when I run or do any cardio exercises."

Philippa Briggs UK (2011)


Sleep Quality and Hormone Balance

"I have been attending Bodyguards Gym in Jesmond for a number of years.  Initially I went there due to help rehabilitate a longstanding knee injury and because I found the training sessions enjoyable I stayed on long after the original problem had been sorted.  I know I spend far to much time either at my desk or behind the wheel and not enough time a the gym and whilst I am still not as fit as I would like to be but at 50+ I dread to think what I would be like without my gym sessions.

During 2007 Jack qualified as a BioSignature Practitioner. After having had a chat with Jack about the system I decided to “Give it a go” even though I was a little sceptical about what the program entailed. I needn’t have worried by the second week I was well on board.

Due to stresses related to work for the past few years I have been a very poor sleeper, within a very short time I was getting a full 7 -8 hours per night, unheard of for me!  Jack loaned me a few books which covered in greater detail some of the principles we were implementing, a couple of which I later purchased myself as they seemed to make a lot of good points.

My sleep pattern changed, I altered my food intake (note I don’t class it as a diet!) and lost a little weight but I think the way Jack put the whole program across made me look at myself and my lifestyle in a whole different light and I feel genuinely better for it.  I would recommend Jack Walton and the Bio Signature program to anyone who has tried “gimmicks” which just haven’t worked – this does – at least it did, and does for me! MC."

Martin Cook MD Easibathe Ltd, UK (2009)


Personal Fitness Training

"My goal has always been from day one to improve my general fitness and flexibility for health reasons.

I have a damaged knee after a fall that has now developed arthritis. This is now rarely pain free.   I have also been recently diagnosed as having arthritis in my feet and hands.  Due to this I tend to stand/walk incorrectly causing discomfort etc in supporting areas.

Jack from day one has worked on the importance of improving my fitness without causing unnecessary pain.   We work on a variety of exercises that include stretching as well as core work, strength and cardio.  His aim is not to just to improve my fitness/flexibility in general but to also strengthen around a problem area enabling the correct kind of support and so in the long term to hopefully relieve some of the symptoms.

We are presently working on a changing 5-6 week circuit type programme that contains a variety of exercises from stretching, core and cardio.  This is increased over the period increasing time, weights etc on each exercise.  I enjoy these programmes as you can never get complacent as every slight change makes the exercise completely new again.  Though the exercises in general may not change in the programme, time, weight and format does and it is always a challenge, which I love.

I am very definitely achieving my goals.  I can see definite improvements in my fitness level and my flexibility.  Plus I have gotten back my determination to improve and exceed goals set (some people would call that b.....y minded but it is good for me).

Jack and I, I think get on really well and he knows how to get the most out of me.  I really enjoy our sessions.  He never judges but always encourages the most out of me. We constantly push ideas back and forward and where possible Jack will always try to incorporate these new ideas into the programme."

Lorraine H. UK (2011)

Leg Length Discrepency and Low Back Pain

"My main goal was to be able to walk for 20 minutes pain free and be able to stand.  My conditions were a bad back, mainly left side and painful joints in the knees.  I had sciatica symptoms.

The methods we used included Corrective Exercise - lots of exercises that targeted the whole body and core.  We integrated the use of Epsom salts and Kinesio Taping that went on the back. I also had some Bowen treatment.

The main results were that the body felt stronger and the core was able to support the body.  I am still in a bit if pain but still feel stronger and back pain has decreased alot from your exercises.  Thank you."

C. Duffy UK (2012)

Great North Run Half Marathon Personal Best

"I met Jack during my training for the Great North Run 2010 last year. I was running to raise funds for St Oswald’s Hospice and the hospice put me in touch with him and the team at NIHP (Northern Integrative Health Practice). My goal was to finish the race in under two hours, which meant shaving 12 minutes off my time from the year before.  As well as getting faster I was keen to avoid injury and improve my running style.

Jack gave me a routine of exercises for my core, legs and back, which he worked with me on at the clinic and then I did at home in between seeing him. He also taught me breathing techniques and showed me how to use a giant ball (swiss ball) to do more training on my core. We built up the routine so it got more challenging over the months before race day. In the final week, Jack showed me stretching exercises for my quads and hamstrings to do the night before and on the start line.

The day could not have gone better. I finished in 1 hour 57 minutes and 45 seconds, which was even faster than my target time! I felt strong and stayed injury-free and I am sure that all Jack’s work with me really helped in that."

Hannah Bayman. BBC Look North Presenter UK (2010)

Injury Management with Strength and Conditioning

"If you are happy being 'beasted' by a military-type trainer or being given a "one-size fits all" training programme then don't bother with Jack Walton.  Those approaches don't suit me.  I have always tried to keep myself reasonably fit but a desk-bound lifestyle and age have been creeping up on me.  Consequently I presented Jack with a collection of niggles; mostly old injuries which I had not fixed in good time.  He has analysed me very carefully and methodically worked through them, helping me gently back on to a route to fitness.  I remain a work-in-progress but firmly believe that Jack has got me going in the right direction."

Richard G. UK (2010)

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