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Great North Run 2011:  90-Day Half Marathon Program Week 3, 4 and 5

Column #125, 30th July 2011

At the time of writing the Great North Run Half Marathon 2011 is just 50 days away.  Your training is hopefully in full swing and you can feel your fitness steadily improving, ready to peak for race day.  If you are following my 90-Day Half Marathon program, here is a recap of what you will be achieving during weeks 3, 4 and 5.  If you have your own program, there will be plenty of tips to pick up and add in.

Week 3 Excerpts

  1. The Bowen Technique: Have you ever worked with a Bodyworker to enhance your alignment and movement efficiency?  You can find out more information at the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BPTA).
  2. Breakfasts: Spend 7 Days getting the right breakfast.......and no, it isn't about politically correct nutrition.  There'll be no cereals, toast and breakfasts bars - it's simply not the fuel that we were designed to use to fire up our metabolism.
  3. Interval Training Run - Shifting the Ratio: You may have recently introduced interval training to your routine.  The key is to know how to use it so that your body adapts to increase fitness at the fastest possible rate.  The ratio is the amount of effort to recovery you get.  Get in touch if you need more advice on this kind of training.
  4. Exercise and Strength Program: If you are following the Full Program, this will be your third and final week of your Phase 1 Exercise and Strength Program.  You will already have enhanced your posture, core stability for running and flexibility.  This week is be about getting the final progressions out of these exercises.

Week 4 Tips

Here is the entirety of what is included in Week 4 from the full program:

  1. Re-Assessment: At the beginning of your training you should have carried out some form of assessment.  Three completed weeks into your program is a good time to quickly check your progress and tweak anything relevant to keep you on track.  Is it going to plan?
  2. Lunch: Now that your breakfasts set you up perfectly for the day, this week you should spend some time choosing, shopping and preparing for fantastic lunches.  Your challenge is to not include bread or pasta.  Get creative with packed-full salads, quality cold meat, last nights leftovers and raw vegetables.
  3. Interval Training Run - Shifting the Ratio: You are hopefully getting the most out of knowing when to systematically increase duration and when to change the effort : recovery ratio.
  4. Cross Training - Swimming
  5. Steady State Run
  6. Advanced Stretching Techniques.
  7. Phase 2: Exercise and Strength Program: Now that you have enhanced stability, posture and movement in Phase 1, its time to advance into Strength Endurance with Phase 2.
  8. Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
  9. Recovery: All this week you will boost recovery by using Energy Exercises, Active Recovery methods, Fascial Release Techniques, Epsom Salts, Breathing workshops and how to enhance sleep quality.

Week 5

Customised Nutrition: This might surprise you, but there isn't a one-size-fits-all diet for running fitness.  Anyone who suggests there is, is playing potluck with your performance, not to mention your health.  Whilst there are many general principles that we can all benefit from, if you want to really make a difference you must Customize your Nutrition.  You are after all an individual in every single way.

To customise your diet watch these 5 fantastic videos

They explain it much better than I ever could in a few hundred words.  Enjoy.

Week 5 Training Tips:  I hope that by now your half marathon training includes more than just running.  To get the best results and to help prevent injury I hope you are including:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and Strength Training
  • Recovery Strategies
  • Useful Therapies
  • Goal setting
  • Sports Psychology

This might look like a lot, but not when its all planned out for you, day-by-day.  I hope this adds some value to your training routine.  Best of luck.

Great North Run Training 2011

These tips are perfect if you are training for a half marathon such as the Great North Run in September 2011.  Each week will progress your running fitness towards your goal and help prevent injury.  The daily tips are free to follow on Facebook (Running Conditioning) and there will be free Special Reports to download during the program.


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