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Great North Run 2011:† 90-Day Conditioning Program

Column #120, 4th June 2011

In 2010 around 54,000 runners started the Great North Run.† 13.1miles later, 39,459 crossed the finish line.† That means 14,500 runners who started the race did not make the finish?† Thatís 27%.† All levels of ability participate in this event, but does that mean we are willing to accept this risk of injury and prevention of achieving our goal?† New this year is a comprehensive 90-Day Running Conditioning Program to not only get you to the finish line, but also surpass your expectations.

  • Running Training Program
  • Exercise and Strength Coaching
  • Nutrition for Performance
  • Injury Prevention
  • How to recover effectively
  • Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day guidance
  • All levels of ability

Great North Run 2011

The Great North Run 2011 will be the 31st race and participants range from the elite to fun runners.† Most runners are raising money for a charity and many of which are participating in a half marathon for the first time.† Others enter the race as a challenge or for motivation towards a health and fitness goal.† These are all fantastic goals and the race is a special international, national and especially regional event.

90-Day Program

The half marathon training program is designed specifically for you to reach your peak for the Great North Run 2011.† Yes it can be used to prepare for other races, but there are elements of the program that are specific to achieving success in the Great North Run in particular.† Hopefully, you have been training for at least 9 months previous to commencing this program, but the aim of this day-by-day guide is to provide optimal focus and advice to ensure you stay on track and excel with your preparations for the big day.

Why did I write this program?† There were two main reasons:† Firstly I was surprised when I found out how many of the 54,000 starters of the 2010 GNR failed to finish the race.† Secondly, if you search the internet for running training programs, whilst there are some fantastic running programs with details of miles per week, and running-specific training, there is a distinct lack of comprehensive information that covers all the components of running conditioning.† What about the best in strength and conditioning, mental, behavioural and habitual factors and the most advanced nutritional advice or stress, overload and effective recovery strategies?† These factors are frequently underestimated or simply poorly understood, yet are essential to get the best from your running training.

Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day

What does the program include?† I have included all the components that I use with my one-to-one athletes and presented it in an easy to use format that literally guides you day-by-day:

  • Conditioning the Athletic Mind
  • Running Training Periodisation
  • Corrective Exercise and Strength Programs
  • Integrative Health Methods
  • Effective Recovery Strategies
  • Nutrition for Performance

When Does the Program Start?

The official start of this program is Monday June 27th 2011.† This includes 84 days lead up and about a week of recovery strategies.† The 90 days have been designed appropriately for elite runners and inexperienced runners alike.† Care has been taken to ensure optimal progress of any rookies out there and to prevent injury.

For the more experienced and elite runners who may be wondering whether I can add any value to their current training methods, all I ask is:

  1. Are you injury free?
  2. Are you on target to improve your performance?
  3. Is your strength and conditioning a priority at the moment?
  4. Do you get the most benefit from recovery time?
  5. Have you laid a strong foundation on which to build?
  6. Is your nutrition enhancing your performance?

Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything.† If you are not getting the results you desire and yet continue to do what youíve always done, then youíll continue to get what youíve already got.† You must make the bold move to CHANGE (more on this in the next article).† It could be the best thing you ever did for your running performance.† Hey, if you can honestly answer Yes to the above six questions and are perfectly happy with your routine as you have it then thatís great.† If it works, fantastic, there are many ways to skin a cat and Iíd love to hear more about it.† If not, there are answers to your questions.

90-Day Running Conditioning Program

The program will be launched in the next couple of weeks. Sign up to my Great North Run Conditioning Facebook Page to stay in the loop.

Plus - Free Daily Conditioning Tips for all FB Fans

First 10 People will get the whole program for 50% off.

Great North Run Conditioning Facebook Page

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