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What's your next step to Enhanced Fitness?

Column #62, 31st January 2009

When concerning our individual health and fitness, we are all at different levels. Indeed there are also many levels to consider, from physical to emotional. Below is some advice relevant for all on how to take the next step to enhance health and fitness.

We all vary in how much we prioritise health, what areas we focus on, what we enjoy and how we go about it. Our goal may be to increase endurance, improve immune strength, reduce pain, avoid pain, enjoy activity or enhance sporting performance. Whichever it is there are many stages involved. At ‘BodyGuards Gym’ in Jesmond the team are well-equipped to handle your needs, whatever stage you’re at:

1. Consultation and Advice

For those who are looking to begin prioritising areas of health and fitness it is extremely beneficial to seek advice from the relevant expert. This may include your Doctor, Bodyworker, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Sports Coach or Exercise Coach. However, the focus should always remain on what you want and how you can work together to achieve it.

2. Investigation and Evaluation

Working with practitioners with experience and a desire to succeed with you will enable you to investigate areas that may be of benefit. This may simply be that you want better quality sleep, or that you are fed up with that continuous back ache. Using exercise as therapy or doing some work with a Bowen Therapist may just be the answer. Whatever the desire, it is extremely important that you do some form of analysis or investigation into the problem.

3. Motivation and Enjoyment

When you’ve sought advice and evaluated your needs, you’re well on your way to making advances. Maybe that’s where you are now. What is key at this stage is that you maintain enjoyment, interest and motivation to carry on achieving. Most importantly, this requires communication with the team around you. Often people find working with a partner or personal trainer gives them that boost.

4. Support and Expertise

Throughout the process, it is of real value to have the experts by your side guiding you. This could be for hands on physical manipulation, exercise prescription, program design or advice on many levels. Without their input, progress can take longer and even regress.

5. Getting to the next level

For those of us who have prioritised their health and performance for many years, this will all be fairly familiar. You may be looking to take it to the next level. Ask yourself what you could be doing or who you could be working with to get you their. It might even mean making the bold step back to Stage 1, above.

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Take the Next Step to Enhancing your Health and Performance

Jack Walton
Written on Friday, 10 December 2010 00:00 by Jack Walton

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