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Discussing the Myths of Health and Performance

Column #47, 5th July 2008

In a series of fortnightly articles we will discuss the myths and contentious issues that exist in the health and fitness world.† This will contribute to a comprehensive approach to your Health and Performance.† This is your chance to have some input too.† Please email me any questions you have about health, strength and conditioning for sports, nutrition, or any other related topic.

Efficient use of time, money and effort

If you are health conscious you no doubt invest a lot of time, money and effort in trying to achieve the results you are looking for.† In this quest you will be acutely aware of the many sources and angles of information that are available to you.† You are left with the question, what is the best step/approach for me?† The answer to this is key and one thing that stands in your way is poorly placed advice based on health and exercise myths.

Why the Myths?

Where have the myths come from?† Occasionally there is just plain old bad advice, where there is limited or no scientific support for the exercise technique, program design or health advice.† It is unfortunate that we need to get past this stuff to get to the information and practices that really work.

Most of the time however, it is just in the way in which it is applied. It is important that any exercise/health prescription is tailored specifically to the individual.† Specifically taking into account their age, gender, occupation, goals, physiological load, current/past levels of health and performance, stress levels, nutrition and many other factors.† Without appreciating these it is not possible to make a bold statement about whether a certain exercise, program, supplement or approach will work for sure.† It is not a Ďone-size-fits-allí situation.

Myths to be covered

This is your chance to have some input.† What topics, trends, exercises, and advice do you want some clarity on?† Find out how it relates to you?† Please send me your questions and comments and Iíll be happy to feedback and open them out to discussion.† In addition I will cover topics such as Nutrition, Stretching, training for the Core, Rehabilitation versus Performance training and Isolation versus Integration training.

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