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Your Nutrition Blueprint:  Food and Biochemical Individuality

Column #136, 21st January 2012

Customised Nutrition Blueprint

Your Nutrition Blueprint is a preemptive strike at avoiding the pitfalls whilst making positive changes to your diet and nutrition.  Sideline the fad and extreme approaches to dieting and eat food that you were designed to eat for healthy function and performance.  We all have a blueprint, and today we will discuss more about the biochemical individuality and which foods and nutrients your body need for optimal energy and metabolism?

What is Biochemical Individuality?

We are all individual in every way.  Consequently, it seems logical to suggest that we have individually specific nutritional requirements.  If we ignore this premise, do we run the risk of developing ill health and disease?  Deficiencies and excessive intake of macro and micro nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) can reek havoc with your systems.  And guess what?  The food guide pyramid is probably not the answer…………….

Your biochemistry right now is determined by a combination of factors including your genes, nutrition and environment.  It is not set in stone and locked in one place.  It is dynamic and can change so it is important that you are able to stay in tune with it.

Biochemical Individuality explains why we are different from one another and why people that you know do well on foods that you know that you don’t and vice versa.  It also explains why:

  • Low fat diets cause some people to gain weight
  • Some diets cause fatigue in people and energy in others
  • Some of us are better at detoxifying toxins and chemicals than others
  • Cancer genes respond in different ways to nutrition and environment
  • …..and many more factors

If you are aware of this principle you are better equipped to understand why you may feel and function better when eating food containing large amounts of protein, moderate fat content and small amounts of carbohydrate.  A diet high in carbohydrates for this person could easily down-regulate their metabolism and reduce the energy delivered to the cells of the body.  Any combination of these macronutrients could be the correct ratio, but this is what you need to identify.

What about Vitamins and Minerals?

We know that the whole range of all the vitamins and minerals are extremely important, but it is interesting to note that biochemical individuality states that we all actually require different amounts of these vitamins and minerals.  For example, we don’t all need the same amount of calcium or magnesium.  The exact amount is related to our metabolism and how we actually utilize these micronutrients.

Food Guide Pyramid = One-Size-Fits-All

When are you ever happy with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach?  Whilst such a method may be appropriate for some people, there are always those for who it is ineffective.  Eating the wrong food can cause dis-ease in the body and create anything from digestive disorders to blood sugar challenges and even movement and inflammation issues.  This is a weakness of any diet out there that does not appreciate that we are biochemically varied beings.  I have written The Nutrition Blueprint to avoid exactly that and provide a person-specific foundation for the food we put in our body.

Identifying your Biochemical Individuality

The most powerful step to take is to be prepared for change, real change.  It is of no benefit to embark on an extreme or radical diet that will likely be causing under-lying damage and stress to organs and tissues in your body.  Start by sidelining your preconceptions of what is considered classically healthy (often dictated by multi-nationals) and begin to raise your body awareness and perception of how you feel during and after you eat.  How does the body respond?  If you feel lethargic, sluggish, bloated, aggressive, depressed, then that food may not be for you.  What sustains your energy and leaves you satiated, able to concentrate increasing your productivity and makes you happy and emotionally stable?

Even as a practitioner I have to put preconceptions and theories to one side and learn from the body itself.  When reading client’s food diaries I frequently see that the food that is being eaten is not contributing to the positive outcomes above.  The simple fact is that food is and can be our medicine.  It should give us energy and help us heal and grow.

Customising your Foods

The assessment tools that we use are Metabolic Typing and BioSignature Modulation.  There are many other assessment methods and Laboratory methods that can be used in addition, but Metabolic Typing and BioSignature are fundamental to the program, especially in the first 12 weeks of changing your nutrition and lifestyle.  You can go to the nth degree to find out more about your biochemical and metabolic individuality, from looking at your hormonal balance, adrenals, thyroid, digestive health, toxicity levels and immune function.  This is all great information, but you can benefit from building a foundation first and you can read about this o the website and in the previous “Finding your Nutrition Blueprint” article.

If you feel that you want to find out what food your body wants for energy and vitality and you would benefit from following a program and take advantage of some coaching support, check out the Nutrition Blueprint Program here:

The Nutrition Blueprint Program has been developed to include:

12 weeks of step-by-step advice

One-to-One support

Coaching Manual

Assessment of your Unique Nutritional requirements

If you feel that you want to find out what food your body wants for energy and vitality and you would benefit from following a program and take advantage of some coaching support, check out the Nutrition Blueprint Program.

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