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Finding your Nutritional Blueprint

Column #135, 24th December 2011

When talking about healthy eating and nutrition in the New Year, it has almost become a cliché to warn against fad diets and dangerous quick-fix detox-ing.  The fact that public awareness of avoiding these unhealthy approaches and the abandoning of dubious products is growing, is great.  Yet, each year, come March/April time, why am I inundated by questions from people looking for answers about effective nutrition and lifestyle programs that are sustainable, safe and successful?

Nutrition Blueprint

Customised Nutrition BlueprintIn an ideal situation these people would have asked me the question 3 months previous to spending a great deal of time, money and effort on a program that didn’t work and wasn’t working with them as an individual.  Today’s article is a preemptive strike at avoiding this eventuality.  A key step in the process is to customize the diet to the individual and finding out how to do this is essential for success.  The aim is to find your body’s blueprint for nutrition.  We all have a blueprint, it’s just a case of tapping into it.  What foods and nutrients does your body need for optimal energy, growth and function?  The answer is different for everyone, but once you discover your blueprint you’ll know it.

This year I have decided to make it easier for people to start off on the right foot.  I have designed a program that coaches you through all the principles that you need to make a positive, effective and sustainable changes to your nutrition and lifestyle to achieve your goals in a healthy way.  The Nutrition Blueprint Program has been developed to include:

  • 12 weeks of step-by-step advice
  • One-to-One support
  • Home Program/Self-Coaching Manual
  • Assessment of your Unique Nutritional requirements

Customising your Foods

How do we find out your individual nutritional requirements?  The assessment tools that we use are Metabolic Typing and BioSignature Modulation.  There are many other assessment methods and Laboratory methods that can be used in addition, but Metabolic Typing and BioSignature are fundamental to the program, especially in the first 12 weeks of changing your nutrition and lifestyle.  You can go to the nth degree to find out more about your biochemical and metabolic individuality, from looking at your hormonal balance, digestive health, toxicity levels and immune function.  This is all great information, but you can benefit from building a foundation first.

Fundamentals of Nutrition

Together with the specific foods that you need for your health and metabolism to thrive, there are of course fundamental steps that we can all take that will benefit our goals.  So as well as your own particular guidelines you will also be coached the essential nutrition and lifestyle factors that add to the truly holistic nature of the program.

The way the program works is not to just list for example, fifty changes for you to make in week 1 and leave you to it.  They might be fifty brilliant ideas, but they will certainly be ineffective if you try to do everything at once.  The program is actually designed to coach you in a logical order, one step at a time and once you have successfully implemented the step, it is time to move on to the next.  This will answer questions such as which inflammatory foods to avoid, when and whether to use supplements, fine tuning your fats, proteins and carbohydrates and much more.

Does Sustainable mean Slow Results?

It is a common misconception that when we want results, we go about it hammer-and-tongs and all-guns-blazing.  The simple answer when it comes to health, is that this is rarely effective at achieving our goals.  However, this does not mean that you cannot see results quickly.  If you have been following a program that does not deliver your results then it is likely that the program needs changing.  Likewise, if you follow a program that initially delivers impressive results and then begins to fail and move into reverse, you need to tweak your program.  In both these scenarios something is not quite right.

The fact is that if we approach health with the whole body in mind and design a quality nutrition and lifestyle program based on individual assessment techniques, then we can achieve impressive results.  Everybody’s situation is different and there are many factors that determine what steps to take.  In addition, you must be ready to take control of your own health and take responsibility for the actions you take and the results you get.  I always work in an integrative manner, which includes the recommendation to always work alongside your General Health Practitioner when you are making changes to your lifestyle and nutrition and to be aware that the advice given in this program is not to replace medical advice.

If you feel that you want to find out what food your body wants for energy and vitality and you would benefit from following a program and take advantage of some coaching support, check out the Nutrition Blueprint Program:

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Written on Saturday, 24 December 2011 00:00 by Jack Walton

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