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BioSignature - The Insulin Hormone Link

Column #29, 27th October 2007

I have heard the hormonal system being described as a spider’s web; if you touch one part, the whole web moves.  Similarly, if one hormone is disrupted, the whole system (human function) will be affected.  How does this relate to our health if our dietary and exercise habits typically cause excessive demands on a hormone called Insulin?

What does Insulin do?

Its essential and primary role is in regulating blood sugar levels.  When we eat carbohydrates they are broken down into simple sugars and insulin’s job (with other hormones) is to prevent these levels getting too low or high.

What Causes the Disruption?

Our bodily systems have evolved over millions of years to function precisely with nutrients in their specific, natural form.  Deviation too far from this ideal (processed foods, cooking, malnutrition, over-farming), will cause the mechanisms by which we survive to fail and falter.  Furthermore if we are not utilizing these fuels with adequate functional activity, there may be further complications.

Let’s relate this specifically to insulin.  If the diet consists of refined, processed, starchy carbohydrates, then sugar is going to hit your bloodstream quickly.  The pancreas will respond by releasing insulin to stimulate our cells to uptake sugar.  With a long period of repeatedly poor diet and low activity levels, the cells in the body can become resistant to the insulin knocking at the door.  Consequently, control of blood sugar levels is impaired and problems arise.

Clearly, eating an unnatural, fad type diet is detrimental to health.  Yet it may seem surprising that even the ‘food guide pyramid’, still recommended by many health practitioners, could actually cause problems for insulin.  The suggested 6-11 daily portions of breads, cereals, rice and pasta is a very high amount of what is basically, sugar.  Curious?  Go compare the typical ‘food guide pyramid’ to the USDA guidelines for fattening cattle to find alarming similarities.

In addition, exercise also plays a major role in controlling blood glucose levels and the strain on insulin.

Manifestation of Disease

Through our dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits there are many ways that insulin levels may be disrupted.  If prolonged, we are at risk from many illness’ and diseases:

  • In the short-term: fluctuating energy levels, weight gain, poor mental functioning.
  • Over time: Acne, allergies, asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, depression, adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers.

Controlling Insulin

We must control our blood sugar levels through nutritional and activity means.  By doing this we can switch off the fat-storage and turn on the fat-burning tendencies of the body.

The BioSignature technique provides a method that identifies any existing problems with insulin and a protocol that includes nutritional and activity modification and even further specific lifestyle and nutritional supplementation to bring the systems back into balance.

"It's - Get healthy to lose fat........Not - Lose fat to get healthy"

If we can control insulin then we will be able to lose excess body fat.  Insulin imbalances have even been directly related to larger deposits of body fat around the top of the hips.  Addressing the insulin problem will enable you to reduce fat from this specific area.

The BioSignature Technique and Insulin Profiles

Studying with Charles Poliquin (founder of BioSignature Modulation), taught me that stubborn fat distribution around the sub-scapular and supra-illiac sites (upper back and hip) are related to dysregulation of insulin and blood sugar issues.  When you assess your BioSignature you can quickly focus on your priorities for Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle, instead of shooting in the dark, or trying a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Jack Walton
Written on Friday, 26 November 2010 15:15 by Jack Walton

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