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BioSignature - The Cortisol Hormone Link

Column #28, 13th October 2007


If we are aware of the role that hormones have in our body, can we improve our health and avoid illness and ailments that have thwarted our attempts so far?  Emerging research suggests that hormones could be the critical link.  These chemical messengers are the engine of the body, while the nervous system is the throttle.

Cortisol:  A Stress Hormone

Cortisol is released in the body whenever we experience stress.  This enables the body to respond appropriately and has been necessary for human existence and survival.  It is cortisol that facilitates the fight-or-flight response that is essential to surviving a threat.  Without it we couldn’t effectively mobilise energy stores and draw on our strength and act.

However, this survival mechanism was not developed with modern-day contributors of stress in mind.  Stress includes;

  • Psychological / Mental (work, goal setting)
  • Physical (exercise)
  • Nutritional (malnutrition, digestive issues)
  • Chemical (toxicity from pollution)

There are many beneficial and detrimental examples for each stressor.  Physical stress in the form of exercise can promote well-being, but over-training can cause injury, immune suppression and illness.  You may suffer detrimental mental stress from pressures at work or a positive form from setting yourself goals that you enjoy and strive to achieve.

Why is High Stress Detrimental to Health?

Ideally (and simplistically), cortisol levels naturally rise in the morning and wake us.  During the day levels steadily decline and in the evening they are low enough to allow the body to be in a restful state (higher sleep hormones), ready for a quality, continuous night’s sleep until we rise again.

Disrupting this pattern are things like:

  • Stressful/busy jobs, traffic
  • Stimulants like caffeine
  • Alcohol, processed food
  • Over-training
  • Family and emotional stressors
  • Watching TV and bright lights at night
  • Eating and going to bed late

Chronically raised cortisol levels are linked to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, insomnia, low sex drive, suppressed immune function, cancer, anxiety depression, Alzheimer’s, poor gut health, osteoporosis, arthritis and accelerated aging.  A fantastic book to read up on this subject is ‘The Cortisol Connection’ by Shawn Talbott.

A Stress Reduction / Control Approach

Are You Stressed?  Considering the above, it is more than likely that you and most the people you know experience higher than ideal stress levels.  You may be at risk from the associated problems, or indeed suffer from them already.  So what do you do about Stress?

Reduce the stressors in your life?  Although extremely effective, ‘easier said than done’ is often the response to that.  However, this tow sided coin approach will work - reduce stressors and enhance your ability to deal with steess.  Your first focus to eradicate unnecessary stressors will typically involve improving sleep patterns, modifying nutrition, and programming exercise.

In reality there are those of us unable to maintain an ideal/normal cortisol pattern; can we just quit our stressful jobs or avoid the emotional demands of life?  In this case we need to support the above modifications with interventions such as specific stress-management techniques, enhanced exercise program design and greater nutritional and supplement support.

The correct use of these extremely effective interventions will provide you with the opportunity to control your stress levels and reach your potential in health and happiness. It is this holistic appreciation that is embedded into the approach at ‘Functional Trainer’ and the essence behind the ‘BioSignature’ Technique.

The BioSignature Technique and Cortisol Profiles

Studying with Charles Poliquin (founder of BioSignature Modulation), taught me that stubborn fat distribution around the umbilical site (tummy) is related to higher Cortisol/Stress levels.  When you assess your BioSignature you can quickly focus on your priorities for Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle, instead of shooting in the dark, or trying a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Jack Walton
Written on Friday, 26 November 2010 15:15 by Jack Walton

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