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Climbing Conditioning Program 2011 - How To Build a Climbing Conditioning Program

Column #129, 1st October 2011

During the winter season climbers flock to the indoor walls across the region.  Over the next few months there will be an intense focus on training for climbing fitness, including new challenges, competitions and a greater volume and frequency of training.  Just like any other sport, this requires a certain amount of conditioning to prevent injury and continue the enhanced performance levels.  2010 witnessed the first winter series of Climbing Conditioning Workshops at Durham Climbing Centre and in October (19th 2011) they return, revamped and ready to deliver a Six-Month Training Program.

What is “Climbing Conditioning”

In the North East we are lucky enough to have a fantastic range of indoor facilities that accommodate bouldering and sport climbing alike, a wide range of age-groups, individual and group coaching and frequent route-changing.  Whilst some climbers prefer the conditions on the rock during the cooler months, the diminishing daylight hours makes the indoor walls all the more welcome.

As a movement therapist and strength and conditioning coach I regard climbing as one of the most beneficial activities to participate in.  Especially from an early age.  The very nature of climbing brings with it certain physical and mental challenges.  After all we are looking to work with and conquer the rock with some problem solving and determination.  It is essential that we have everything in place necessary to; continue our progress and enhance our performance, prevent potential climbing injuries, maintain motivation, correct imbalances, recover quickly and complement our efforts.

The truth is that the best way to get better at climbing is to…………Climb.  Simple, without it you won’t improve and getting individual coaching is a superb way to drive this forward.  However, my experience of working with climbers for the past 18months is that there are a few conditioning factors that appear to be barriers and hurdles to being able to climb, climb and climb some more.  Climbing Conditioning is all about having a program that enables you to prevent and break down all these barriers and allow you to achieve your climbing performance goals.

Lessons learnt from 2010

Last winter the Climbing Conditioning Workshops included the topics; shoulder girdle function, advanced stretching techniques, squatting techniques, posture, movement assessment, core function, nutrition, injuries and recovery strategies.  I presented these as what I felt were key topics for climbers to apply quickly and effectively.  Here are the top 5 lessons I learnt from this superb experience:

  1. Don’t take offence, but all climbers appear to be carrying an injury, or two, or five.
  2. “Why don’t you try to take some time off climbing to let your body recover and injuries heal?” – Climbers have selective hearing and will not hear this sentence.
  3. Hence, developing techniques and strategies that do not impact on time spent on the rock/wall are key to success.
  4. Show a climber something that works and they will dedicate themselves to it until it is aced.
  5. Each of these stand-alone topics would be more effective as an all-in-one resource with a flow from start to end.

Why do you need a Conditioning Program?

I believe the Climbing Conditioning Program will provide any climber with vital resources for success.  Here are the ways in which it will benefit you:

  • You get a program and resource that backs up and supports all your climbing coaching and technique work during the winter
  • Six Exercise and Strength Programs progressively designed for you
  • Attend the six practical workshops at Durham Climbing Centre
  • A comprehensive Six-Month program to follow week-by-week
  • Find out how to prevent and manage injuries
  • Learn easy and effective recovery strategies
  • Customised Nutrition for your individual requirements
  • There is no other resource that offers this unique combination of resources and services

October 19th 2011

Durham Climbing Centre hosts the Climbing Conditioning Workshops that start on Wednesday 19th October, 2011.  To follow the program in full, watch this space for more articles, follow the facebook page, purchase the Program in the full eBook and hopefully I’ll see you at the Climbing Centre.

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Jack Walton
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