Metabolic Typing®

"Applying Customised Nutrition for Enhanced Health and Performance"

What is Metabolic Typing: Watch this video to get a snap-shot of what the Metabolic Typing Diet is all about.  If you, like me, feel that an individual approach to nutrition is essential and you want to know more input your email address on the right and I'll send you 4 more free videos.  Watch the first one now to take the first step towards customising your nutrition:

Customised Nutrition Blueprint

Find Out your Customised Nutrition Blueprint

At 'Functional Health and Performance' Metabolic Typing is just one of the methods that we apply to find out your Nutritional Blueprint.  Your body has a blueprint of the foods that it needs to achieve optimal health and this integrated program coaches you to customise your nutrition and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Want to know even more About Metabolic Typing?

Fundamental to achieving health and well-being is the food we eat.  Metabolic Typing® recognises that we are individuals on all levels, including our nutritional requirements.  By investigating and balancing our fundamental control systems vitality is strengthened and restored.

If you are fed up with one-size-fits-all or fad-diet approaches to nutrition, work with a L2 Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor to:

  • Manage Weight
  • Control cravings
  • Eliminate hunger between meals
  • Increase physical energy
  • Increase sense of well-being
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