BioSignature Modulation

Charles Poliquin, a renowned strength and conditioning coach, developed the BioSignature Modulation Technique to improve health and performance in a wide range of clients including many elite athletes. Here's Charles to say a few words:

The smooth functioning of our body and our body composition is largely dependent on all of its systems working efficiently and its biochemistry being in balance. When they are out of balance then problems may occur (increased body fat %, risk of cardiovascular disease, low energy levels, reduced brain function, and more).

By measuring various body fat skinfolds on the body we can calculate the distribution of fat about the body. Based on research, the distribution is related to hormonal levels, which hold the key to the changes you can make. There maybe one problem area, or several, but once you are armed with this knowledge you can get to work on making targeted changes and plan the approach to enhanced health and performance including Nutrition, Exercise, Breathing, Hydration, Sleep and circadian rhythm, Toxicity, Stress and Supplementation.

Find Out your Customised Nutrition Blueprint

Customised Nutrition BlueprintAt 'Functional Health and Performance' BioSignature Modulation is just one of the methods that we apply to find out your Nutritional Blueprint.  Your body has a blueprint of the foods that it needs to achieve optimal health and this integrated program coaches you to customise your nutrition and put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Click here to access the program, including assessment, one-to-one consults, a home program manual and many more resources.

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