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Do you know how to increase your Vitality, Health and Performance through Movement?


"Movement is Our Medicine - Choose below to find out more"

Strength and Conditioning

Corrective Exercise Coaching

The Bowen Technique - Bodywork

Metabolic Typing | BioSignature Modulation

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How can these Training Methods and Therapies benefit you?

  • Assess for success and find out about YOUR training needs
  • Enhance movement patterns for the body
  • Increase strength, speed and power for sport
  • Enhance Posture and alignment
  • Choose exercise that aids stress management
  • Choose exercise that helps your body heal
  • Exercise that supports detoxification
  • Training programs for hormonal balance
  • Manage your injury or pain with Therapeutic Exercise

Specialist Programs

Assessment and Consultation

Comprehensive Assessment and follow-up Consultation. More..


Body Management Program


Body Management Program

Body Composition Assessment and 12-week Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle program.  More...


Running Conditioning Excellence

Assessment and 12-week strength and runner-specific conditioning program.  More...

Climbing Conditioning Program


Climbing Conditioning Excellence

Assessment and 12-week strength and climber-specific conditioning program.  More...


Injury Prevention and Management Program


Injury Prevention and Management Program

Assessment and 12-week corrective exercise and rehabilitation program.  More...


Program Design


Advanced Program Design

Conditioning Programs and Periodisation written for you.  Available world-wide.  More...

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Coaching and Therapies

Corrective Exercise and Strength Coaching

Athletic Conditioning

The Bowen Therapy Technique

Metabolic Typing

BioSignature Modulation

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