Gluten Free Cookbook

Are you aware of the importance of a Gluten Free Diet?

At last a great Gluten Free Cookbook is available.  Karen Maidment is a colleague of mine and she has written a fantastic cookbook that I recommend to all my nutrition and exercise clients.

You might not realise the affect that Gluten has on you. Research shows around 70% of the population have adverse affects to gluten.  So it isn't just the typical gluten intolerance and coeliac symptoms that we need to consider.

60 Easy to Prepare Recipes

Great for IBS, Bloating, Gas, Digestive Symptoms

Stress-Free Meals

Gluten and Dairy Free

For Busy Lifestyles

Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinner

Maybe this is Tennis Player Novak Djokovic's secret to his superb sporting achievements this year?

Djokovic's nutritionist found out that he was intolerant to gluten, which means that it is not a good food for him.  In fact it would have been disruptive to his metabolism and caused problems from digestive discomfort to reduced energy levels.  Since he has removed gluten (pasta, cereals, bread, additive in many processed foods) from his diet, he has been on fantastic form: Won the Davis Cup, Won the Australian Open, Beaten Nadal on four occasions and reached the US Open Final.

This is a radical shift in society's view of bread and grains etc and even more of a statement against the ill-founded tradition of carbo-loading before an event or competition.  Could it be that consuming an inflammatory food, such as gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol and sugar is detrimental to our performance?  If so, are you willing to make the changes to remove it from your diet?

Change is often a tough challenge and if you can do it you reap the rewards.  Karen's book is part of this step, it's like having your own nutrition coach in the kitchen with you.

Click here to buy "Digest-Ease Cookbook and Lifestyle Plan" by Karen Maidment

Jack Walton
Written on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 14:50 by Jack Walton

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