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Biomechanics at the NIHP

Great training day with the team at the 'Northern Integrative Health Practice'.  Dean Glozier (Biomechanist, Podiatrist, Bowen Therapist) showed us some fantastic assessment and treatment techniques with a focus on pain management and movement.

Although considering the whole body (kinetic chain) he gave us a lot of insight into the function of the lower leg and foot mechanics.   Check out these pre and post Squats.  In just 5minutes Dean was able to identify blockages through the foot, release and enhance function considerably.  Fascinating for myself as I assess squat movement screens everyday and now have a few more tools in the toolbox.  A full squat profile is like a barometer of function - it relates to athletic performance and injury prevention.


1. Squat Assessment Pre   |   2. Bodywork and Release Techniques (fibula)   |   3. Squat Post


Squat Post

Here the Talus (an ankle bone) was out of alignment and was causing a blockage in movement at the ankle.  Therefore the movement was restricted causing compensation patterns. It was most likely that this had been the case for the last 5 years for this person.  What this shows us is that such malalignment/subluxation can be present without us being aware or even in pain

Its great to be able to have the skills to use release and manipulation techniques to improve alignment in function, but the team at the NIHP didn't stop there.  What we were really interested was what was causing the problem in the first place.....The Root Cause.  This is very much an individual-specific answer, but it can be anything from weakness elsewhere in the body, sporting demands, footwear (high heels being the main offenders), occupational demands and even an emotional blockage.

Thanks to Dean for sharing.

Jack Walton
Written on Thursday, 05 May 2011 21:59 by Jack Walton

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