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1. Climbing Conditioning Program 2011: Phase 1 and 2 Insight
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
Climbing Conditioning Program 2011 - Phase 1 and 2 Insight Column #131, 29th October 2011 Climbing Conditioning is all about putting something in place that enables you to climb ...
2. Great North Run 2011: 90-Day Half Marathon Recovery Tips
(The Curriculum/Great North Run and Half Marathons)
...  benefit from investigating these further. *Breathing workshop and Relaxation workshop available in the Full eBook. Active Recovery, light walking (ACTIVE) Moveme ...
3. Eat Well, Move More and Live Longer
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
4. Movement as Medicine
(Movement as Medicine/Integrative Healthcare)
... occupation presented with constant ache (5/10) in lower back and intermittent sciatic pain (10/10) down their leg when walking.  Assessments highlighted postural issues (anterior pelvic  ...
5. Reasons to Walk
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
6. ....More Reasons to Walk
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
7. Running Before we can Walk: Developmental Stages
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
8. Running: The Holistic Exercise?
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
9. Assess for Individual Success
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
Assess for Individual Success Column #6 25th November 2006 If we are to make a success of training to make ourselves happier and healthier, then we must know exactly what it is our own body requires. ...
10. A Focus on Posture
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
11. What is Functional Exercise?
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... tion, we need to integrate many activities, including; Twisting Standing Turning Walking Jogging Balancing Pushing Running Pulling Squatting Lifting Jumping Bending  ...
12. Is that Injury a thing of the past?
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... injure a foot/knee/hip, we typically develop a 'new' way of walking, or limp. This is to take load and pressure of the painful side. This change in the movement pattern is to compensate. This means ...
13. Functional Anatomy Investigated: Improved Movement
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
14. Functional Anatomy Investigated: Movement by Functional Design
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
... nts that is varied and often consists of those listed below: Walking, sitting, getting up and down, playing with the kids, gardening, DIY, sports, carrying, lifting, shopping, bui ...
15. Corrective Exercise Coaching
(Coaching and Therapies/Corrective Exercise Coaching)
... ents: Copers and non-copers. Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon) 17(8): 586-93. Alkjaer, T, E.B. Simonsen, U. Jorgensen, and P. Dyhre- Poulsen. 2003. Evaluation of the walking pat ...
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