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1. Climbing Conditioning Program 2012: What is Relative Strength?
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... injury prevention, shoulder function, posture, strength endurance, movement patterns, flexibility and much more. Now it is time to work on one of the most important components of climbing. What is Relative ...
2. The CHEK Approach to Health - The Breath Reigns Supreme
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... wealth of experience and knowledge that different therapists can share about the importance and function of respiration. From biochemical balance and energetics to structure and movement and beyond. M ...
3. The CHEK Practitioner in the Clinical Setting
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... inating back pain Rehabilitation of shoulder, neck and head pain Improve posture Enhancing movement efficiency Improved sports performance Injury prevention and management  ...
4. Great North Run 2011: 90-Day Conditioning Program2
(The Curriculum/Great North Run and Half Marathons)
5. The Bowen Therapy Technique
(Coaching and Therapies/The Bowen Technique - Structural Integration)
... injuries Whiplash and sports injuries Movement with posture and body alignment Migraine and recurring headaches Respiratory, bronchial and related conditions such as hayfever and asthma Digestive ...
6. Sports Injuries - Integrating Bowen and Corrective Exercise
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
...  results in poor muscular length tension relationships, compensatory movement patterns, muscle imbalance and finally ending in injury. This is where the merry-go-round inju ...
7. Reasons to Walk
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
8. Running Before we can Walk: Developmental Stages
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
...  benefits, we discussed its relationship with movement, rhythm, breathing, eyesight, electromagnetic interaction and the psycho-emotional. Taxi! For many, walking is the main action we use to get fro ...
9. Running: The Holistic Exercise?
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
11. Golf: From Crazy to Elite
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
12. Functional Anatomy Investigated: Many Reasons to Squat
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
13. Functional Anatomy Investigated: Health and Fitness by Functional Design
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
14. Rock Climbing Conditioning: Injury Prevention
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... wanting to climb new routes and gradings and plan for new challenging climbing trips, these are the factors that have major impact on energy, strength, tissue health, movement, endurance ...
15. Rock Climbing Conditioning: Injury Prevention and Management
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
16. Rock Climbing Conditioning: Injury Prevention and Core Function Part 1
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
17. Corrective Exercise Coaching
(Coaching and Therapies/Corrective Exercise Coaching)
... nd love about Exercise, Strength and Movement. Approach: As a CHEK Practitioner, Poliquin Strength Coach and Bowen Technique Therapist this forms a lot of my day to day work with clients.  Whi ...
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