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1. The CHEK Approach to Health - The Breath Reigns Supreme
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... hasising its importance. If we stop breathing for 3minutes, we die. Granted, if we stop eating due to a mastication (bite) obstruction/dysfunction we die too, but we get a lot longer than t ...
2. The CHEK Practitioner in the Clinical Setting
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
3. Climbing Conditioning Program 2011: Climber's Posture Correction
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... blems. Furthermore, identifying postural issues in one area of the body (for example at the pelvis) can cause pain or dysfunction somewhere else in the body (for example the kn ...
4. BackCare Awareness Week
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
5. Great North Run 2011: 90-Day Half Marathon Recovery Tips
(The Curriculum/Great North Run and Half Marathons)
6. The CHEK Approach to Health - A Bowen Therapist's Perspective
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
7. Movement as Medicine
(Movement as Medicine/Integrative Healthcare)
Movement as Medicine Movement and Exercise programs can be designed to manage pain and dysfunction and have the power to be part of your healing process. In addition to Athletic Performance, ...
8. ....More Reasons to Walk
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
9. Running Before we can Walk: Developmental Stages
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
10. Running: The Holistic Exercise?
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
11. A Focus on Posture
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
12. Great Nutritional Resources
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
... ous articles the BioSignature Technique investigates your hormonal profile to achieve improved health, including weight loss and alleviation of digestive dysfunction. Further information on t ...
13. Do you know your BioSignature?
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
14. BioSignature - The Androgens Hormone Link
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
15. The Metabolic Typing Diet
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
... ients that are supplied to the body could disturb the process of the controls and systems and dysfunction can manifest itself as disease (cardiovascular etc). Eating Corre ...
16. The Dairy Debate
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
17. Meat
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
18. Contradictory Fad Diets
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
... issue Digestive dysfunction Reduced bone health Reduced energy levels Reduced immune efficiency Insulin resistance Poor brain function Emotional instability Why we resort to an e ...
19. Should we go against the Grains?
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
...  lethargic and has acute abdominal pain and digestive dysfunction. Why are there associated problems? Possibly the most significant reason for associated problems is that we, as human beings ...
20. Salt of the Earth
(The Curriculum/Nutrition)
...  sodium and not enough potassium. As soon as the levels of potassium are disrupted, associated problems can include dysfunctional muscular contractions in movement and digestion, and inhibited regulatio ...
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