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1. The CHEK Approach to Health - The Breath Reigns Supreme
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... stication/Bite Poor Sleep Mental-Emotional Puberty Sport Ergonomics Occupation Studying Nutrition / Allergy Societal Parental Exercise Technique Fascia Stress Inf ...
2. Climbing Conditioning Program 2011: Climber's Posture Correction
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
3. Great North Run 2011: 90-Day Half Marathon Recovery Tips
(The Curriculum/Great North Run and Half Marathons)
...  Self Myofascial Release (FASCIA) Here, movement, flexibility and strength will be improved by releasing the tissues around the joint including fasc ...
4. Great North Run 2011: 90-Day Half Marathon Program Week 3, 4 and 5
(The Curriculum/Great North Run and Half Marathons)
... l this week you will boost recovery by using Energy Exercises, Active Recovery methods, Fascial Release Techniques, Epsom Salts, Breathing workshops and how to enhance sleep q ...
5. The CHEK Approach to Health - A Bowen Therapist's Perspective
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
6. Half Marathon Training Packages
(Athletic Performance/Running Conditioning)
7. Climbing Conditioning Program
(Athletic Performance/Climbing Conditioning)
... tioning eBook 6 x Workshop Voucher 1 x Physical Assessment 1 x One-to-One Corrective Exercise and Strength Session Unlimited phone and email support Foam Roller for Myofascial Release  ...
8. Movement as Medicine
(Movement as Medicine/Integrative Healthcare)
... cise programs to improve the function of: Neuro-Musculo-Fascial-Skeletal System Autonomic Nervous System Immune System Digestive System Hormonal System Detoxification System Oxidative/E ...
9. The Bowen Therapy Technique
(Coaching and Therapies/The Bowen Technique - Structural Integration)
... tendon and fascia in various parts of the body. The work is very subtle, relaxing and gentle, involving no hard or prolonged pressure. During a session the client will lie on a therapy table or bed, ...
10. Sports Injuries - Integrating Bowen and Corrective Exercise
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
... fascia tissue. These tissue type pains are often seen and felt by the skilled hands of a therapist as tension or knots. You may have given your partner a shoul ...
11. Functional Anatomy Investigated: Improved Movement
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
12. Functional Anatomy Investigated: The Connective Tissue Web
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
... nd all fascia that supports and connects the various structures and systems in our bodies. Through a deeper understanding of the integrated nature of our bodies we can achieve greater gains from traini ...
13. Functional Anatomy Investigated: Tight Hamstrings, Unstable Pelvis?
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
14. Build a Strong Shoulder Girdle - Workshop Resources
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning Workshop Resources)
Watch January's Climbing Conditioning Workshop on Building a Strong Shoulder Girdle really built on the previous sessions with a great atmosphere and drive to make a difference to attendee's ...
15. Rock Climbing Conditioning: Injury Prevention
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... am Rollers for Self Myofascial Release  ...
16. Enhancing Climbing Performance
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... ssential that we look at the whole individual. As you know, climbing is extremely demanding (soft tissue, fascia, musculoskeletal, joints) and conditioning could be essential for a number of re ...
17. Rock Climbing Conditioning: The Bowen Technique
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
...  movement. The technique involves the therapist using fingers or thumbs to move over muscle, ligament tendon and fascia in various parts of the body. The work is very subtle ...
18. Rock Climbing Conditioning
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... the connective tissue (fascia). This is what gives you stability, strength, power and structure. It is possibly the most important tissue for a climber. When you see a skilled climber at wo ...
19. Rock Climbing: Connective Tissue Health
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... prevent and manage injuries and enhance recovery rates. Today we will focus on the importance of the Connective Tissue (fascia) to a climber. Connective Tissue Health If you are serious about your ...
20. Rock Climbing Conditioning: Injury Prevention and Management
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
... Tube Channel Buy: Foam Rollers for Self Myofascial Release  ...
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