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1. BackCare Awareness Week
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
2. What is Pain?
3. Movement as Medicine
(Movement as Medicine/Integrative Healthcare)
4. The Bowen Therapy Technique
(Coaching and Therapies/The Bowen Technique - Structural Integration)
... although the work can be effectively carried out with the client in a chair. Most people will have responses within three to four sessions, when even long standing chronic pain can be relieved. Other ...
5. ....More Reasons to Walk
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
6. Running: The Holistic Exercise?
(The Curriculum/Movement, Exercise and Strength)
7. Rock Climbing Conditioning: Injury Prevention
(The Curriculum/Rock Climbing Conditioning)
9. Workshop Schedule
(Workshops & Resources/Workshop Schedule)
This schedule mirrors closely The Curriculum; Resources designed specifically to support the one-to-one process and enrich learning and experience. Fat Loss Secrets ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ...
10. Corrective Exercise Coaching
(Coaching and Therapies/Corrective Exercise Coaching)
11. Holistic Health Series 2 - Chronic Back Pain
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
12. Holistic Health Series 3 - Chronic Back Pain
(The Curriculum/Functional Anatomy and Holistic Health)
... er I am working with an elite athlete, a diabetic client, someone suffering from depression or those diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome............exercise and movem ...
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