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Metabolic TypingŪ

What is Metabolic Typing: Watch this video to get a snap-shot of what the Metabolic Typing Diet is all about. Together with MetabolicMe I can bring you a series of FREE videos that are educational and entertaining. Watch the first one now to take the first step towards customising your nutrition:



Watch all five Part 1 videos now









These videos are a fantastic explanation of Metabolic Typing. This will give you instant and free access to the whole of Part 1

Part 1: Intro to Metabolic TypingŪ

1. The Foundation of Health (above video)

2. Fire Up Your Metabolism!

3. Why Metabolic TypingŪ Works

4. The Path To Success

5. Explaining The Metabolic TypingŪ Test

Jack Walton
Written on Monday, 25 July 2011 13:18 by Jack Walton

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