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Climbing Conditioning eBook

Purchase this eBook if you want an in depth and cutting edge strength and conditioning program for the winter months. There are 6 Phases that progress you step by step through correcting imbalances, enhancing movement quality, improving posture, boosting strength levels and increasing endurance.

In addition there is an Integrative Performance Model, which applies many more health principles, such as nutrition, injury prevention, sleep, recovery, repair, hydration and the emotional and mental link.

With this program in place you have the next six months of conditioning taken care of. The goal is to enable you to climb more, recover quicker, be injury-proof and achieve fantastic results on the rock.

The workshops are a great way to learn the strength and exercise programs hands on. But the eBook provides all the back up support, answers, principles and detail behind why the program works.



“Give me the Advanced Climbing Conditioning Package for Optimal Results”

Select "Optimal" Program
  • 1 x Climbing Conditioning eBook
  • 6 x Workshop Voucher
  • 1 x Physical Assessment
  • 1 x One-to-One Corrective Exercise and Strength Session
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Foam Roller for Myofascial Release
  • Active Isolated Stretching Rope
  • Epsom Salts for Recovery (6-month supply)
  • Items on collection only
  • One to One at available North East clinic locations
  • £381 Reduced to £200

"I want the Combined Climbing Conditioning Package”

Select "Combined" Program
  • 1 x Climbing Conditioning eBook
  • 6 x Workshops Voucher
  • £105 Reduced to £75

“I can attend a Climbing Conditioning Workshop

Select "Workshop" Program
  • 1 x Workshop Voucher
  • £15

“I just need the 6-month Program eBook

Select "eBook" Program
  • 1 x Climbing Conditioning eBook
  • £15

Attend the Workshops at Durham Climbing Centre

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6 x Workshops @Workshops at the DCCCheck the 2011/12 Workshop Schedule

Perfect complement to your Winter Indoor Climbing

Tuition from highly qualified CHEK Practitioner and PICP Strength Coach

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Browse 2010's Winter Series Conditioning Seminars: Watch the Videos about: Shoulder Girdle Stability | Advanced Stretching Techniques | Injury Management | Core Conditioning | Squat Training | A Holistic Approach

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