Climbing Conditioning Training ProgramConditioning Programs designed specifically for Climbers.  Accommodating the need to maintain indoor wall training and climbing on the rock with the desire to prevent injury, speed up recovery, amplify training effectiveness and enhance performance levels.  If you want your next six months of conditioning designed and mapped out for you - have a look at the program eBook, workshops and one-to-one opportunities.

Which Level of the Climbing Conditioning Program is for you?

Climbng Training Program for Rock Climbers

Why Follow the 6-Month Climbing Conditioning Program?

6 Months of all your Conditioning needs as the nights draw in and we hit the indoor wallsYour Climbing Conditioning Program

The eBook provides a cutting edge complete Climbing Conditioning Program to follow Step-by-Step

6 Exercise and Strength Programs

6 Conditioning Workshops - Phases 1 to 6 coached to you at Durham Climbing Centre

Chapters covered in the eBook: Strength and Power, Optimal Posture, Advanced Stretching Techniques, Functional Movement Training, Injury Prevention, Assessment, Kinesio Taping, Nutrition, How to Recover Effectively, Athletic Mind Set Conditioning, Therapeutic modalities.

Why attend the 6-Month Climbing Conditioning Training Workshops?

Climbing Exercise Programs and Training Workshops


6 x Exercise and Strength ProgramsClimbing Exercise Programs and Training Workshops

6 x Workshops @Workshops at the DCCCheck the 2011/12 Workshop Schedule

Perfect complement to your Winter Indoor Climbing

Tuition from highly qualified CHEK Practitioner and PICP Strength Coach

Posture | Flexibility | Core | Functional Movement | Injury Prevention | Endurance | Strength | Power

Browse 2010's Winter Series Conditioning Seminars: Watch the Videos about: Shoulder Girdle Stability | Advanced Stretching Techniques | Injury Management | Core Conditioning | Squat Training | A Holistic Approach

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Coaching and Therapies

Corrective Exercise and Strength Coaching

Athletic Conditioning

The Bowen Therapy Technique

Metabolic Typing

BioSignature Modulation

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