Running Conditioning Training ProgramThe Running Conditioning Program was designed with Half Marathon Conditioning specifically in mind.  There are many running plans out there on the internet with miles per week etc, but I have yet to find one that includes all the other factors that are essential for athletic training and reaching peak performance levels.

I combined all of my education and training in Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Customised Nutrition, Soft Tissue Therapy and some Functional Medicine to compile a step-by-step program that guides the runner from day one to race day.

Start improving your training by avoiding these 3 Common Mistakes that Runners Make

One of the most popular Half Marathons in the UK is the Great North Run.  This is a fantastic event and attracts elite and fun-runners alike.  Having participated in the run several times, the Exercise Coach and Soft Tissue Therapist in me got me thinking.  I was curious about how well conditioned the +50,000 runners were and what the injury and completion rate was


for the 13.1mile run.  Let's face it whether you are looking to get a personal best or raise some funds for charity, there are at least two aims in common - to complete and to enjoy.

After about one minutes investigation and a simple calculation, what I found out was a little surprising.  According to the online race starting and completion numbers, in the 2010 Great North Run, 27% of starters failed to complete.  Whatever the reason, 27% is a staggering figure and far too high in my opinion.  My goal is to have a positive impact on this figure, so here are some initial simple mistakes to avoid:

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Find out more about the Full Running Conditioning Program

Your 90 Day Half Marathon Program

What 's Included in Your Program?

? Assessments for Success
? Running Training Program
? Exercise and Strength Programs
? Conditioning the Athletic Mind
? Recovery Strategies
? Integrative Health Therapies
? Nutrition for Performance

Benefits to following the Program

? Beginners to Advanced achieve Personal Bests
? Track your progress to peak for Race Day
? Daily Step-by-Step guidance for first time runners.
? Avoid the biggest mistakes of many runners.
? Successful Injury Prevention.
? Progressive Running Program from Day 1 to Day 90.
? Find out what foods you need to eat....and foods to avoid.
? 4 Exercise Programs for you to follow.
? Learn Advanced Stretching Techniques.
? The where, when and who of Podiatry, Massage, Biomechanics and Soft Tissue Therapy.

Who is the Program for?

? Includes 90-Day Plans for half marathon target times of <2.5hrs, <2hrs, <1.5hrs.
? Would you benefit from an easy to follow training program?
? Do you need advice on nutrition for performance.
? For anyone needs effective ways to Recovery.
? Even for elite, experienced runners looking to push their performance to the next level.
? Have you left it quite late to start your training? This structured plan helps you reach your targets.
? If you haven't included everything from setting goals, assessments, athletic mind set work, running training, exercise and strength programs, nutrition, therapies, to recovery strategies......then there will be something for you.
? Anyone who is looking for cutting edge training and performance advice.

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If you would like your Half Marathon Training Program designed and Mapped out for you, you can purchase the eBook Program here:

Your 90 Day Half Marathon Program


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