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In pursuit of making a real difference with athletes that I work with, I've spent the last 10 years learning from the world's best coaches and educators. Strength coaches such as Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Mel Siff and Tudor Bompa have had a major influence on how I design training programs.

Movement specialists like Michol Dalcourt, Gary Gray, Chuck Wolf and Gray Cook have done wonders to bring an integrated approach to sports conditioning.  No more should an athlete be content with only using isolated resistance machine training.  There's a whole lot more to reaching your potential.

Anatomy pioneers Gil Hedley and Tom Myers have demonstrated how integrated our anatomy is.  Learning directly from them, I have seen it with my own eyes.  If your sport requires you to move in a strong and integrated, flowing manner at various speeds, with control and in all need to pay attention.  In many ways this new information makes me want to throw out the anatomy text books......but not quite yet.

Although I work with a wide variety of sports and athletes, I have designed and authored conditioning programs specifically for Climbers and Runners.  In addition to Corrective Exercise Coaching and Strength and Conditioning, these are based on a holistic approach that encompasses elements such as Nutrition, Lifestyle, Sleep, Recovery, Hydration, Stress and Digestive, Immune, Hormone and Detoxification Health.

Climbing Conditioning and Training Programs

Conditioning Programs designed specifically for Climbers.  Accommodating the need to maintain indoor wall training and climbing on the rock with the added benefits of preventing injury, speeding up recovery and enhance improving results.  If yo u want your next six months of conditioning designed and mapped out for you - have a look at the program eBook, workshops and one-to-one opportunities.

Running Conditioning and Training ProgramsThe Running Conditioning Program was designed with Half Marathon Conditioning specifically in mind.  There are many running plans out there on the internet with miles per week etc, but I have yet to find one that includes all the other factors that are essential for athletic training and reaching peak performance levels.  I combined all of my education and training in Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Customised Nutrition, Soft Tissue Therapy and some Functional Medicine to compile a step-by-step program that guides the runner from day one to race day.

Athletic Success Stories

UltraMarathon Conditioning: Rehabilitation to Champion: "I had never had a personal trainer nor even considered one until my partner introduced me to Bodyguards in June 2007.  My background in sport at that time was almost exclusively road running for about 10 years, with some self taught gym sessions thrown in for what I thought was good measure.  However, I had gone through a string of injuries, including a broken metatarsal in May 2007 and was becoming frustrated that I would never run consistently again.

My goal was to understand why I kept getting injured and to get back to regular, injury free running.

After over a year of consistent training I felt things were really looking good for a competitive 2009 and I even entered my first Ultra-marathon – the 43 mile Devil o the Highlands (DoH).    Unfortunately I was knocked off my bicycle in November 2008 and was left with some serious injuries to my ankle, neck and back.  I was disappointed on many levels not least because I thought my Ultra dream was over.

I had only started working with my new PT, Jack Walton, about two weeks prior to my accident but rather than wait on me recovering Jack took the view that he wanted to be actively involved in my rehab, staying in touch until I was given the all clear to train again.

Once I could start training again Jack devised what I initially thought were strange core strength sessions but looking back he took me through my rehab one step at a time, not moving me to next level until I was ready.  It felt slow but Jack was always patient and listened to me.  If I had a niggle he wanted to know so that he could target it to keep me on track.  Within a matter of weeks my flexibility and strength had improved dramatically, from a zero fitness base after the accident.  I was back thanks to Jack.

Over the early part of 2009 I continued to work with Jack on my core strength and he allowed me to participate in four Bowen therapy sessions which undoubtedly helped speed my recovery from some tough sessions.   As I ramped up my running I was now determined to make the start line of the Devil o the Highlands and Jacks training sessions were keeping injuries at bay.

Thankfully I made the start line of my first Ultra in August 2009 and racing over 43 miles of tough terrain I surprised myself by winning the DoH footrace in the third fastest time ever!!  I am under no illusion that without the sessions at Bodyguards with Jack I would not have recovered so quickly and safely from my bicycle accident nor made the start line of the DoH.

I owe a big thank you to Jack Walton and Bodyguards for helping me realise what was an impossible dream at the start of 2009.  The value of PT sessions cannot be underestimated – I am a convert and an addict!!"

Craig Stewart

17 August 2009

*Craig has gone from Strength to Strength with some incredible race results:

August 2009 - Devil O The Highlands 42mile race - 1st (5hrs 34mins)

16 Jan 2010 - Country to Capital 45 mile race - 1st (5hrs 25mins)

24 Apr 2010- Highland Fling 53 mile trail race - 1st (7hrs 46mins)

19 June 2010- West Highland Way 95 mile - 4th (18hrs 27mins)

7 Aug 2010 - Devil o the Highlands 42 mile race - 1st (5hrs 30mins 58s)


Great North Run Conditioning and Personal Best: " I met Jack during my training for the Great North Run 2010 last year. I was running to raise funds for St Oswald’s Hospice and the hospice put me in touch with him and the team at NIHP (Northern Integrative Health Practice). My goal was to finish the race in under two hours, which meant shaving 12 minutes off my time from the year before. Jack gave me a routine of exercises for my core, legs and back and taught me breathing techniques. The day could not have gone better. I finished in 1 hour 57 minutes and 45 seconds and I felt strong and stayed injury-free."

Hannah, BBC, Newcastle

Great North Run and Injury Free: "Before I started training for the 2009 Great North Run Half Marathon I could only run around the block before having to stop and catch my breath.  At that rate it would take me over 3 hours to complete the race and I was a bit apprehensive about whether I’d get injured over 13.1miles, as I was suffering from shin splints.  Following a 3 month program I am pleased to say that I completed the run in 2hrs and 32mins.  I was aching a lot after, but I did still felt injury-free.”

TM, Newcastle

Martial Arts Performance: "Hi Jack, I went Thai Boxing today for the first time in ages and my coach could not believe how much I had changed.  He said that the shape I was in, I could be ready to compete tomorrow.  Apparently my strength and power was the best in the whole gym and I haven't been boxing training for months.  He wanted to know what I'd been doing so I told him the trade secret :)  You should go into training fighters because when I was on the pads today it was like someone else was doing it for me.  Its a credit to yourself and what you have done for me."

Shane, Darlington

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