Movement is your Medicine

Do you know how to increase your Vitality, Health and Performance through Movement?

Whether you want to optimise your athletic strength, alleviate pain, enhance your energy or ....well, pretty much any aspect of human function, your movement/exercise/conditioning program has an immense role to play.

Is there something missing from your current routine or program and more progress for you to achieve?

The challenge is that for many people, 'exercise' is just another thing that we have to find time to do in our busy lives, considered separate, something boring or even confusing given all the different and conflicting ideas and opinions out there.  For others, will-power and motivation are certainly not lacking but poor form and injuries are preventing any real success and this can be extremely frustrating.

Without movement and rhythm, there is congestion  Let's be honest, it seems like modern society is set up to create and present a lot of congestion and resistance in many forms, so lets ensure we have the ability to put some flow back into our body and minds.

My aim is to de-mystify movement and exercise, help integrate it into our lives, to educate and to create clarity, understanding and empowerment.  Let's start with clarifying one of the most important topics in the exercise industry 'The Core' - check out my free report below.

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If you want cutting-edge training techniques to enhance your health and performance then you're in the right place.  Functional Health and Performance uses Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Bodywork in a unique and integrated way as an enjoyable and effective approach to achieving your goals.  The integrated model applies several assessment and therapy methods in order to create a program that gets to the root cause and finds the best approach for YOU:

  • Corrective Exercise Coaching
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Bowen Technique Therapy
  • Customised Nutrition - Metabolic Typing / BioSignature
  • Functional Diagnostic Medicine

Therapeutic/Corrective Exercise for Pain and Rehab

There are many health and sports performance reasons why corrective exercise is important for you. Your goal may be anything from eliminating pain to enhancing your athletic ability and you can achieve this through therapeutic exercise.

Corrective Exercise Coaching

Using carefully designed individual-specific exercise programs, the aim is to identify, correct and enhance factors including Posture, Strength, Flexibility, Movement and Body Composition.

Benefits include; alleviation of back, shoulder, neck and knee pain, rehabilitation of sports injuries, preventing reoccurrence of injuries, optimising posture, enhancing movement, increase strength and sports performance, weight management, preventative health care, integrated approach with Nutrition, Lifestyle and Bodywork.  Read More...

Enhance your Athletic/Sports Performance

In pursuit of making a real difference with the athletes that I work with, I have spent the last 10 years learning from the best coaches and educators in the world.  Strength coaches such as Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Mel Siff and Tudor Bompa have had a major influence on how I design training programs. 

Athletic and Sports Performance

Movement specialists like Michol Dalcourt, Gary Gray, Erwan Le Corre, Chuck Wolf and Gray Cook have done wonders in bringing an integrated approach to the sports conditioning arena.  No more should an athlete be content with a trainer who solely relies on isolated resistance machine training.  There's a whole lot more to reaching your potential.  Read More...

Specialist Sports Conditioning

Climbing Conditioning and Training Programs

Conditioning Programs designed specifically for Climbers.  Accommodating the need to maintain indoor wall training andclimbing on the rock with the added benefits of preventing injury, speeding up recovery and enhance improving results.  If you want your next six months of conditioning designed and mapped out for you - have a look at the program eBook, workshops and one-to-one opportunities.


Running Conditioning and Training ProgramsThe Running Conditioning Program was designed with Half Marathon Conditioning specifically in mind.  There are many running plans out there on the internet with miles per week etc, but I have yet to find one that includes all the other factors that are essential for athletic training and reaching peak performance levels.  I combined all of my education and training in Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Customised Nutrition, Soft Tissue Therapy and some Functional Medicine to compile a step-by-step program that guides the runner from day one to race day.

Find Out your Customised Nutrition BlueprintCustomised Nutrition Blueprint

At 'Functional Health and Performance' Metabolic Typing is just one of the methods that we apply to find out your Nutritional Blueprint.  Your body has a blueprint of the foods that it needs to achieve optimal health and this integrated program coaches you to customise your nutrition and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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Coaching and Therapies

Corrective Exercise and Strength Coaching

Athletic Conditioning

The Bowen Therapy Technique

Metabolic Typing

BioSignature Modulation

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